Featured on Radio Show

Recently one of our board members was on the radio show talking about our organization and the activities we have been doing. ACCESS was listening to the show and they couldn’t believe that finally they found a way to reach us. They said for almost three years every time they go to a refugee house to check on them, the refugees would tell them that someone (Pakistani, Bosnian Or Iranian) had came and helped us in this and this and that. None of the refugees were able to give our organization contact information. They were so excited to finally find us as they were subhanallah very impressed with what we are doing and have done.

We are in the process of meeting with ACCESS and launching a cooperating program with them where anybody would apply for help with us will be checked in their system too to avoid doubling our efforts and our donation. We are also in a process of cooperating with other organizations which takes care of refugees and needy people. JazakAllah khair for all our members, supporters and well wishers. Together we all can make a difference in our Community Insha’Allah.

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