In Michigan, we are the First in providing aid (food, furniture, clothing, cars, jobs resources) on the frontlines of conflict and disaster, more than others are willing to go. Last to leave until we turn the situation from crisis to self sufficient-dependency, investing in locals with humanitarians who make long-term impact.

Presence means Care. Our volunteers step in from the first moment the refugee arrives in the USA. With our volunteers love we build The More Beautiful World because we know It Is Possible.

Some of our key services include the below

  • Picking up refugees from the airport
  • Work with the US government agency in doing xxxx
  • Providing them the community support during the first days of arrival
  • Assessing their needs and helping with basic necessities
  • Provide support with vocational training
  • Support with finding jobs in the local community


During times of crisis, Community Helpers uses its acquired knowledge to co-lead the international agencies (USA committee, Sanaraitas, etc. response) while acting under the overall leadership of us as a small group.

Our Refugee Coordination Model promotes best practice in order to make refugee coordination more predictable, inclusive and collaborative. It also helps other humanitarian actors working in refugee operations, leading to better protection, assistance and durable solutions for refugees. Tirelessly, provided those refugees with everything A to Z without excluding anyone for any race, religion, nationality or any other reason.

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