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An organizations success: It’s people

As a board membe, parent and a small business owner, I have come to realize the importance of people and the role they play in the success of any organization. We tend to believe resources are only in terms of money and other assets, however an organizations most vital piece is its people. People who make teams, people who make families and people who make communities.

As a business owner I spend a lot of time in analyzing the health of my business in terms of its financial success however none of it would be possible without the wonderful group of people who work with me in making everyday operations possible.

Similary, Community Helpers USA since its beginning in 2006 has been heavily dependent on volunteers for their time and commitment to make any project successful. While donors play a vital part in our projects’ success, volunteers who spend time in the field making sure we are having the largest impact possible are essential.

Our projects are vastly spread in our local communities and internationally. Our wonderful youth group organizes events to engage our local Michigan youth to allow them to play their part in their communities. Many local volunteers also work with many refugee families, single parents in job placements, driving tests, finding and delivering furniture and household items. All of this great work would not be possible without individuals willing to give their time for the larger benefit of their communities.

Internationally, many deserving and underserved communities have wonderful volunteers working with us to provide basic necessities of life like water, solar energy, food, clothing, groceries and more.

As a parent, I also realize the importance of teaching my children to give their time for causes independent of their own benefit. Being involved in projects or causes for the larger benefit can teach many essential skills to children. They learn time management, gratefulness, teamwork and mostly they learn to have empathy with their fellow human beings.

I hope we can all find in ourselves the desire to give to other people for the larger good.

Nida Imam
Board Member

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