Helping each other can make world better

Community Helpers USA is registered organization founded in 2006 to help resettle many refugees. We currently work in our local Michigan communities helping single mothers and needy families. We also work internationally in many countries providing food safety, solar energy, water well projects, health care assistance and more.

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We started small – a couch, food items, medications, and even serving iftar – and slowly grew into an army of volunteers with the same mentality.

The organization expanded by coordinating the delivery of goods and services. Our volunteers supported us through this growth by their preparedness for any emergency, skills in risk monitoring, scenario-based contingency planning, and establishing how to deliver assistance and protection.


Below are just a few examples of the services we’re capable of when all hands come together..

  • Furnishing homes
  • Providing food while waiting for the activation of food stamps, and medication while waiting for Medicaid
  • Aiding in the processing of welfare papers
  • Facilitating opportunities for job resources & personal entrepreneurship
  • Assisting with the purchase cars & practicing for driving examinations
  • International Food Safety Programs

Our ultimate goal is to create stable communities, with self-sustaining individuals. Most importantly we strive to infuse confidence, hope, and empowerment into the spirits of all those we aide.

We are the bridge between communities, the gap across borders, and the advocates for humanitarianism across all cultures.

OUR board members

Sumbla Hasan - President

Devoted mom
Of 3, founder of Community Helpers USA has been a vital part of the organization since its inception in 2006.

Nida Imam-Board Member

Mother of 2 and a small business owner . Working in various projects as a volunteer, Nida joined the board in 2020 and is a ample pillar of the organization.

Safya Aidroos- Board Member

Vital member of team, safya has been a board member since 2021. Devoted mother of has been working with us on various projects as a volunteer even before joining the board